Playlist (Artist/Track/Album)
Walter Murch/Lalo Schifrin/George Lucas – What’s Wrong? THX-1138 OST

Boyd Rice – Invocation – Music, Martinis and Misanthropy
Roderick Falconer – Radio – New Nation
The Android Sisters – Ray Dee Oh – Songs Of Electronic Despair
Charles Bukowski – A Radio With Guts – Reads His Poetry
The Idlers: Coast Guard Academy – I Dig Rock and Roll Music – Coast Guard Academy – The Good Times Are Not Over
Debbie Culbertson – Love Will Keep Us Together – Reflections
Eschol Cosby – Sinner At the Bar – Branded For Christ
Boyd Rice – People – Music, Martinis and Misanthropy

William S. Burroughs – Apocalypse – Dead City Radio
Evolution Control Committee – Effing – All Rights Reserved
National Hardwood Floor Association – Been Deceived – Savage Vigilance For A Rug-Free America
National Hardwood Floor Association – Compulsive Eater – Savage Vigilance For…

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